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COVID Vaccinations - FAQs Posted on 9 Jun 2021



I’m now eligible for the vaccine, as I’m aged 18-49 – can I be vaccinated at the GP practice?


The practice will not be running vaccination clinics for people aged 18 – 49, when they become eligible. We were set up as a service for people aged 50 and over only.  There are a wide range of alternative local options for people who are due to be vaccinated next.


So where can I get my vaccine from?

You will be contacted by the NHS when it is your turn and invited to book an appointment via the national booking service at or by phoning 119. You will be given the option of attending a local participating pharmacy or vaccination centre.  It’s really important that when you get your invitation, you take up the offer of having the vaccine, as you will be protecting yourself and friends and family around you. 

Will I have to wait longer?


No, you shouldn’t have to wait any longer for your vaccine.


I fall in to one of the first Cohorts – how can I get my vaccine?


If you are 50 years old or older or are in another eligible group and haven’t had your vaccine yet, it’s important you are vaccinated as soon as possible.  Please contact the national booking service at or by phoning 119.

What about getting my second dose of the vaccine?


If you have already had one dose of the vaccine, you will be able to get your second dose using the same service as with your first.

Are you withdrawing from the programme because there is a problem with the rollout of the vaccine?


There are no issues with the further rollout of the vaccine programme.  When we were asked to help deliver the COVID-19 vaccination programme it was to vaccinate people in cohorts 1 – 9 only.  This is all people aged 50 years old and older and those who fit into the other eligible groups. 


There are a number of other services in this area that have sufficient capacity to be able to vaccinate everyone who is eligible when it is their turn.

Where can I get more information about the vaccine?


You can find more information about the COVID-19 vaccination programme at 


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